The Heartlands


Welcome to the Dales, a frontier of wild country separated by lush forests and secluded villages, a place where feuding lords and bandits fight for control of a society stricken by centuries of turmoil and war. Where a council of nobleman vote upon the fate of their citizens, perhaps at times consulting those heroes residing within their borders…these are the lands watched over by the great Elminster, guarded by the chosen of Mystra and fought for by the legendary Knights of Mythdranor and the Purple Dragons of Cormyr. But they are also the holds of Zhentil Keep, of Orc chieftains and barbarians from the great deserts to the west.

“These Dale lands, are worth nothing compared to the fruits and labor of man’s greater cities…But, they are the cradle of which the entire world owes its success, and too whom their fate is inexorably bound.” – Anonymous

House Rules

To roll stats

4D6 adding highest three dice (re-roll 1’s)

Do this six times for one set of stats.

You may roll three sets of six stats


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